ATS 4011 IPA

ATS 4011-C / ATS 4011-X- Central Exchange Rack with Master Control Desk

  • The system is designed for two way communication between various fields process units and central control room of any industrial plant. Communication is on two channels namely page and party (private) channels. The system comprises of master control desk (MCD) and central exchange.
  • The Master Control Desk (Model ATS 4011/X) is table top unit with feather touch keypad for zone selection, with or without LCD display. This system is available id 8/16/24/32 zones with optional Inter MCD communication facility.
  • Central exchange controller rack (ATS 4011/C) is designed with microcontroller based state of art technology. The free floor standing rack of 27U height comes with front and rear door and castor wheels. Central panel houses controller panel, relay panel, monitor panel, mains panel and field termination facility,
  • Fire alarm panels interface is provided easy EPBAX connectivity is provided. Extremely flexible design with a facility to connect multiple master control desk with InterMCD communications
  • Suitable for use in any industrial plant (Cement , Steel, Chemical etc). for the purpose of:
  • Making two way communication zonewise or simultaneously at all zones
  • Relaying fire alarm messages-at all zones.
  • User friendly;easy to understand front panle buttons
  • Compact, easy to operate, table mounted type console with or without LCD Display
  • Design based on microcontroller technology.
  • Available in 8 /16 /24 /32 – Zone range – with Individual and all Call Select facility.
  • Flexi design with facility to interconnect multiple MCDS with different priority levels
  • Interfacing with EPBAX. (through our telephone coupler unit).
  • Interfacing with Fire alarm systems.
  • Fully compatible with Philips/Bosch Industrial PA Systems
  • Flexible design for inter MCD Communications.
  • No more use of analogue modules and cumbersome wiring
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