ATS 4007

ATS 4007 – Telephone to PA System Coupler Unit

  • Suitable for Mall, Industrial areas, Hospital, High Rise Building, Schools etc.with Better features at competitive price.
  • The unit is built with advance digital circuitry. The unit interfaces with any telephone subscriber line and gives out audio line and one potential free contact. The audio output is balanced line level output adjustable from 500 mV to 2 V AC.

Suitable for use in any industrial plant / commercial complex / multi – store building /Multiplexes for the purpose of-

  • Make announcements comfortably in your office premises or factory area from any telephone handset in your office / control room / residence.
  • Compatible with any type of PA / paging system (including Philips IPA make).
  • Compatible with any type of EPABX and independent of digit and reset timing problems.
  • Design based on advanced digital circuitry.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Available in two models

Models Available

  • ATS 4007 IPA: Suitable for interfacing with Philips Industrial PA systems.
  • ATS 4007 PA: Suitable for interfacing with any PA systems.
  • 19″ Rack mountable unit available with monitoring facility.
  • Operating Voltage:230 V, 50 Hz.
  • Line output:Balance line output level (500 mV to 2 V adjustable).
  • Termination:RJ 11 Jack for Telephone cable, Terminal strip for audio output and potential free contact.
  • Dimension:20 mm * 180 mm * 65 mm
  • Construction:Powder coated AL box,
  • Color:Siemens grey & black.
  • Download PDF File
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