ATS 4004

ATS 4004 – Wall Mounting PA Station

The unit is made of special aluminum alloy casting and provides 2-channel audio output. The unit has got built- in line and power amplifiers with necessary signal processing circuitry to ensure clear and distortion free audio output. The unit provides 30 W audio power for the external loudspeaker. The unit has two numbers of push buttons, which can be used for “PAGE” function and “CALL MASTER” / “SPEAKER MUTE” function. The channel busy indication is provided on front panel. The line and amplifier outputs can withstand short circuits. Glass epoxy PCB with protective coating ensures reliable operation under high temperature & humidity. When used with weatherproof cover, the stations are fully protected against ingress of dust and water as per IP 55 standards.

  • Perfect substitute for costly imported wall mounting Stations with the similar Specifications offering great savings.
  • Design based on 20 years of rich experience in the Industrial communication field.
  • Suitable for use in diverse industrial environments in any type of industry
  • Two independent channels.
  • Illuminated Push Buttons.
  • Attractive Color Schemes.
  • Fully compatible with Philips paging system. .
  • In built Loop in loop out terminal resulting in cost saving of extra junction box. .
  • Download PDF File
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